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Although there are new food trucks hitting D.C. streets everyday (or so it seems!), none have been as exciting to me as Hula Girl Truck, which I spotted on its opening day at Franklin Square.

Sure, Hawaii has gorgeous beaches and breathtaking sunsets. But its food culture is also unmatchable, including some of the best Asian food in the world. Among the Hawaiian traditions are plate lunches (complete with mac salads), spam, and various forms of teriyaki.

Hula Girl Truck (which is housed in the prettiest food truck I’ve ever seen) offers all of these staples and more. I wanted to sample the entire menu today, but I settled for the chicken teriyaki salad (I love shredded napa cabbage-based salads…esp when they include scallions and pickled vegetables!) and a small side of mac salad.  The salad was crisp and fresh, and the mac salad hit the spot.  I can’t wait to try the rest of Hula Girl’s items…especially the toasted coconut soft serve dipped in chocolate and rolled in macadamia nuts (!?). Fingers crossed that Hula Girl returns to K Street soon!

WaPo did a brief profile on Hula Girl’s road to D.C.’s streets.

07/29/11 Update: Tried the chicken teriyaki sandwich today, and it was delicious–bold flavors (spicy, sweet, salty), crisp veggies, and just the right amount of bread (grilled but soft ciabatta). I am usually skeptical of banh mi-like sandwiches (the originals are distinctly superior!), but Hula Girl’s banh mi-inspired sandwich is the best almost-but-not-actually-a-banh-mi sandwich I’ve had. Photo here.