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It’s been a few weeks since my last post because I have been skipping across the globe to India and Thailand. Naturally, I took a million photos, including a lot of food photos. Thailand will require a 2-3 series post, but here are the best from India.

Although Indian food was one of those foods I did not try until I was in college, it makes sense that it is a type of food I’ve grown to really enjoy. Afterall, aside from exotic spices and lentils, one of the most common ingredients in Indian food is my dear potato.

via Google Maps

I was in Vadodara, Delhi, and Agra, but a staple of southern Indian cuisine–masala dosa–was my favorite meal of my trip to India. This may have been due in part to the fact that I ate it at Indian Accent at The Manor in Delhi, the boutique hotel where I stayed for two nights. I did not know it at the time I booked my stay at The Manor, but its restaurant has received numerous awards and commendations for its outstanding modern indian cuisine.

Simply, masala dosa is a delicious, oversized crispy crepelike wrapper stuffed with spiced potatoes. It is traditionally served with sambar (a flavorful stew…I think usually lentil-based).  I also added mini idli (a steamed lentil and rice cake) to complete my southern Indian breakfast. The masala dosa was so good that I am determined to find the best dosa in D.C. (suggestions welcomed! :)).

Because my friend had already been in India for a week before I arrived, she needed a break from all the Indian food.  This, of course, led us to the local Pizza Hut. I cannot tell you the last time I ate inside a Pizza Hut in the U.S., but I can confirm that baby corn atop a pizza is, in fact, a great idea.

masala dosa with sambar and coconut chutney | indian accent | delhi
mini idli | indian accent | delhi
post-meal spices
samosas (stuffed with potatoes) | vadodara

corn and cheese dosa | vadodara
vada (lentil based donut-like) | vadodara
“tuscani singles” verde pizza | pizza hut | vadodara