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lincoln restaurant floor | downtown

Ever wonder how Lincoln ended up on the penny? About.com has a very detailed history from a self-proclaimed avid coin collector.

Although we already pay homage to Abe via that memorial thing, D.C. now also has Lincoln Restaurant downtown on Vermont Ave, where the floor is lined with over one million pennies honoring our 16th president. The interior design of the space, along with a great cocktail list, contribute to a fun and lively vibe.

tater tots

Lincoln features “seasonal small plates,” most of which sound delicious.  So, when two of my friends and I visited for a small birthday dinner a few weeks ago, we had to exercise quite a bit of discipline to not order absolutely everything we wanted to try. In the end, we ended up with: tater tots (of course), sweet potato fries (of course x2), heirloom tomato risotto, baked cana de cabra goat cheese, coffee rubbed duck breast, poached arctic char, lobster beignets, and the strawberry rhubarb crisp. Because it was my friend’s birthday, we also got a special off-menu spiced cake dessert gratis.

coffee rubbed duck breast w farro salad

My favorites were the the coffee rubbed duck breast, lobster beignets (which, to be honest, really resembled hush puppies more than beignets), and the off-menu spiced cake. On my list to try next time: citrus marinated roasted beets, Meyer Farm NY strip steak, beef carpaccio & fried oysters, roasted brook trout, and funnel cake with bing cherries (which narrowly lost out on the first visit!).

lobster beignets aka lobster hush puppies

off-menu spiced birthday cakes
baked cana de cabra goat cheese
sweet potato fries
arctic char with broccoli and prosciutto
strawberry rhubarb crisp w pistachio streusel and vanilla bean ice cream