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Mother Nature seems to be sending D.C. a message (ah hem, climate change skeptics…) with an earthquake-hurricane one-two punch this week.

Between 2010’s Snowmageddon and this week’s 5.8 earthquake (both of which paralyzed the District), we have been the target of much disdain by other regions of the country where they deftly handle 30+ inches of snow in 24 hours and yawn at 6.0 earthquakes.

Well, warranted or not, the hysteria continues this weekend with Hurricane Irene making strong moves westward and inland. Pepco has issued a warning of potentially extended power outages, so it would appear prudent to stock up the pantry.

I know I should have stopped at Safeway on my way home from work today. But I’m still jet-lagged from my travels. And the thought of sparsely stocked shelves and 30+ minute-checkout lines just made me sleepier.

My solution? My go-to neighborhood Thai takeout–Royal Thai. Although there are several very good Thai options in Chinatown, Royal Thai’s version of pad thai is my favorite, and its quick free delivery for days I’m feeling extra lazy have nudged Royal Thai ahead of the others in my book.

Since the message of the day was “stock up,” I stockpiled my three favorite noodle dishes: pad thai, pad see ew, and kee mao noodles. For me, they are the perfect trifecta of sweet (pad thai), salty (pad see ew), and spicy (kee mao). Most people are familiar with the Thai-staple pad thai. Pad see ew is the lesser known but equally tasty wide rice noodles with sweet soy sauce, chinese broccoli, egg, and meat/protein (beef is my favorite for pad see ew but I alternate with chicken for a healthier option). Kee mao noodles are also known as drunken noodles on many American Thai menus because the noodles are “drunk” with spices. I am a big fan of most dishes including stir-fried basil.

A teaser for the multi-part Thailand travel posts to come, my Thai noodle trifecta:

— chicken pad thai | royal thai | chinatown
— chicken pad see ew | royal thai | chinatown
— kee mao noodles with chicken | royal thai | chinatown

Now, I just need to ration them until Mother Nature decides to give us a break…and wait for the eyerolls from Floridians and others who have sailed through “real” storms.