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pumpkin spice bundt cake

Last week, I was craving cake. Not chocolate. Not frosting. Cake. It was raining (as usual as of late), so I did not feel like venturing outside to buy said cake/cupcake. So, I checked my pantry, and I had all the ingredients for one of my favorite (and easiest) baking recipes – pumpkin raisin bars from epicurious. And as long as I have a can of pumpkin around, the rest of the ingredients for the bars are staples I keep on hand. The cake-making portion of the recipe is literally: measure, mix, pour. No butter to soften. No sifting. No chopping, no refrigerating, and no melting!

The recipe for cream cheese frosting for the bars is simple and delicious, and I use it for other (red velvet, carrot) cakes. However, I did not have any cream cheese on hand, and quite frankly, I really only wanted CAKE! So, I simply made the “bars” into a bundt cake, doubled the spices, and baked the bundt pan for an extra 20 minutes.

Voila! Failproof pumpkin spice bundt cake. Craving satisfied. Yum.

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