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northern thailand hills

Part III of my Thailand trip covers the food I had on a trek of the northern hilltribes of Thailand. My trip was an Intrepid Travel trip, which emphasizes small group tours using local guides and trip leaders. The trip as a whole was incredible, and our local guides pulled double duty as our compass through the hills and as our trek chefs.

kitchen hut in hilltribe village

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what we ended up having was the best food I had the entire trip. Most impressively, our guides created our feasts over open fires inside bamboo huts.

My favorite was a yellow curry with chicken and cashews, which added extra richness to the traditional dish. Not far behind were a pumpkin-family vegetable and squash dishes. The banana pancakes we had for breakfast on our last day were also deliciously memorable, even though I am normally not a fan of bananas and banana-flavored things.

I thought three parts could cover my entire trip, but my Thailand trip posts will wrap up with a fourth part, consisting of street market and Thai cooking class photos!