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market street hoagie | tayor gourmet | 5th and K

At Taylor Gourmet, the Market Street hoagie is indisputably my favorite — house roasted pork, roasted red peppers, arugula, and fresh mozzarella on a “old world Italian loaf with sesame seeds.” I’m not sure what traditionally characterizes an old world Italian loaf, but Taylor’s bread strikes the perfect balance of crustiness and chew. Equally important, filling the bread are generous portions of fresh veggies and, as its name suggests, gourmet protein. Normally, it’s hard to justify a sandwich with one piece of iceburg lettuce and a slice of tomato as a healthy serving of “vegetables,” but there is no shortage of greens on the Market Street hoagie.

The first couple times I went to Taylor, I ordered a 6″ hoagie for a meal. An amateur move.  At $7.10 before tax, the 6″ gourmet hoagie is reasonably priced until you realize that for $2.40 more, you can double your yield with a 12″ hoagie. At $10+change after tax, that brings the cost down to $5 per meal, assuming you are able to restrain yourself from eating the second half (or are willing to share with a deserving soul :)).

Nutritious. Delicious. And economic crisis-friendly. Bonus points for call ahead/online ordering and $2 delivery service (with $18 minimum order).