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papas arrugas | jaleo | penn quarter

Although I am a huge fan of all of Jose Andres’ restaurants, it’s been awhile since I visited Jaleo. I happily returned tonight, and in lieu of my usual patatas bravas (which I enjoyed sampling at every opportunity during a 10-day trip to Spain in 2009), we opted for papas arrugas– “Canary Island-style wrinkled baby potatoes with mojo verde.”  According to Wiki:

The dish is made from small new potatoes which are cleaned (but not peeled), then boiled in water (originally in seawater, but it is more usual that salt is added to the water in the boiling process) and then baked in their skins until they become shrivelled. Alternatively, in some recipes, after cooking in salted water most of the water is discarded and the small amount that remains is boiled away until the potatoes become dry. This leaves them with a characteristic dry salt crust on their skins.

Sure, sounds simple enough. . . and I know boiled potatoes sound bland (and obviously, I enjoy all potato dishes), but (1) I’ve honestly never had such tasty and tender potatoes and (2) I could eat anything covered in  Jaleo’s mojo verde.

So while papas arrugas may not be as widely known as patatas bravas, I think I may have a new favorite potato tapas dish!