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tuna burger | j&g steakhouse | downtown

I understand that chefs and restaurants like shaking up their menus every so often, especially to stay true to seasonal ingredients. But when a favorite, especially a cravable favorite, disappears from the menu, I get grumpy.

When the non-seasonal tuna burger disappeared from the menu of POV at the W months ago, I thought all hope was lost for my favorite tuna burger (I think it’s the salty-sweet-sour shiso and yuzu pickles…and perfect patty texture…!).  So, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on the lunch menu at J&G. Although I went to J&G for the Haute Lunch (a special two-course prix fixe lunch menu at select restaurants for $20 until November 11), I passed up the prix fixe for my beloved tuna burger.

Note: the tuna burger at normally comes with a mesclun salad, but of course, I subbed in french fries.