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the kirkwood (thin crust version) | pi pizzeria | penn quarter

I have a small group of college friends that have endured the test of time. After college, we went our separate ways (geographically and otherwise), but over the last few years, we have reunited in D.C., and this past year, we established a monthly happy hour/dinner to catch up on our lives. Although, in many ways, we could not be more different, in every way, there are few things more comforting than old friends who require little or no explanation and just “get” you.

So once a month, over a few drinks, we meet up after work, talk about our suddenly expanding hips, vent about our “careers,” and of course, trade stories about boys.

We went to college in St. Louis, so it was fitting that we decided to meet up at District of Pi Pizzeria this month. While I visited friends in St. Louis almost two years ago, I dined at one of Pi’s St. Louis locations, so I was excited to hear they were expanding to D.C. Admittedly, it was only recently that I connected Pi with both pie and 3.14 (314 is St. Louis’ area code).

Pi first landed in D.C. via its pizza food truck, serving its deep-dish cornmeal crust pizza to downtown’s hungry lunch crowd. It then opened its spacious (it just keeps going!) brick and mortar location in Penn Quarter, at 9th and F Street NW.

The menu draws from both St. Louis and D.C. landmarks/neighborhoods. For this visit, we were feeling nostalgic and went for the Kirkwood, a pizza named after a quaint St. Louis suburb and topped with mozzarella, italian meatballs of hormone-free pork and beef, red peppers, and basil. Although the Kirkwood is listed as a deep dish on the menu, we opted for the thin crust version. Of course, ordering a bottle of wine was the most “economical” approach to wash down the pizza, and we selected an Australian Shiraz (my red of choice).

Gourmet pizza, red wine, and old friends. . . that’s pretty tough to beat.