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country-fried chicken & waffles (with collard greens and gravey) | marvin | u street

Over the last few years, I have sampled chicken and waffles all around town. And while there are many very good versions (see Birch & Barley, Art and Soul), for me, Marvin reigns supreme.

The generous hunk of free-range chicken is fried to perfection (with just enough crunch). When paired with the waffle, collard greens, and not-too-heavy gravy, it’s a bite made in heaven.

As a whole, Marvin, which is a tribute to Marvin Gaye’s soul roots in the Shaw neighborhood and his self-imposed 2-year exile to Belgium, is also just one of my favorite places to dine. The moules frites are also excellent (love those dipping mayos), the drinks are strong, and the atmosphere is simply cool and casual. While you’re there, these are also worth trying:

wild shrimp and creamy cheesy grits | marvin | u street/shaw

chicken fried oysters with remoulade sauce | marvin | u street/shaw

moulard duck confit with roasted brussel sprouts, chestnuts & potatoes | marvin | u street/shaw