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For awhile, the long lines outside of matchbox limited my matchbox experience to ordering their brick oven pizzas to go (my favorite is the Q special with chicken, portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, zesty tomato sauce, and mozzarella). But once the matchbox on the Hill opened up a few years ago, the lines seem to have abated or at least become more reasonable.

Now, matchbox (both Chinatown and Hill locations) is in the regular lineup for weekend brunch. Don’t miss: cast iron baked cinnamon rolls and lox and flatbread (not pictured). Pass on the cast iron steak & (sunnyside up, not scrambled) eggs unless you like your steak well done.

cast iron baked cinnomon rolls (whoops, a little slow on the draw with the camera!) | matchbox | chinatown

huevos rancheros | matchbox | chinatown

cast iron steak & eggs | matchbox | chinatown