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special treat for AGAINN customers who visit again | oatmeal cookies + cream cheese-esque frosting | AGAINN | downtown

Admittedly, I sometimes forget about AGAINN as a dining option, but I’m not sure why. However, it always makes the list when bestie C is in town because she is a treehugger who only eats free-range meat and sustainable seafood (and veggies, of course). AGAINN, a British isle “contemporary gastropub,” fits the bill by using sustainable seafoods, organic meats, and sourcing from local farms. Equally important, its modern takes on pub fare are simple but outstanding.

The last time C was in town, we went for dinner, and this time we went for lunch. C ordered the special lamb burger (which she definitely cannot order up in Hawaii), I opted for the fish burger, and we started with the crispy brussels sprouts with curry mayo. And because we answered affirmatively when asked if we had been to AGAINN before, we received a special treat from the pastry chef with our check–mini oatmeal cookies with a cream cheese-esque frosting (I don’t remember exactly what kind of frosting, but it was deeelicious!).

crispy brussels sprouts with curry mayo | AGAINN | downtown

lamb burger | AGAINN | downtown

fish burger with chips | AGAINN | downtown