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salmon ochazuke ($9.50) | teaism | lafayette park (downtown)

Teaism is one of my favorite lunch spots because it’s quick, affordable, healthy, and delicious. For over a year, my go-to order was the tuna bento box, which consists of seared rare tuna and wasabi sauce, sweet potatoes with miso sauce, broccoli & brown rice. One day, driven by the craving for something warm and an effort to cut down on mercury intake via tuna, I decided to try the salmon ochazuke, a Japanese dish consisting of green tea poured over rice.

The salmon ochazuke at Teaism consists of cooked salmon, napa cabbage, radicchio, cilantro & carrots. The rice is seasoned with traditional Japanese nori and sesame seasonings, and the hot green tea is served in a separate pot, ready to be poured over a generous serving of salmon and veggies. The result is a simple yet satisfying dish.

When I’m feeling indulgent, I also tack on a chocolate salty oat cookie (which I prefer over the sans-chocolate version) for dessert.

chocolate salty oat cookie | teaism | lafayette park (downtown)