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pantry spinach salad with pork loin, bacon, almonds, craisins and apple vinegar

Last week, I was stuck working at home after catching the flu. Since I was feeling under the weather, I did not want to venture out for lunch and attempted to create a meal from the random items in my pantry and fridge.

I had a pork loin that I accidentally overcooked in the slow cooker earlier in the week. And I had bit of bagged spinach leftover from a recent batch of wok seared salmon noodles. Initially, I thought I’d eat a few slices of the pork loin and stir-fry the spinach on the side.

Instead, I added a few staple items from my pantry–Nueske’s bacon, almonds,  craisins, and apple vinegar–to create my own pantry spinach salad. After browning chopped bacon, I added the almonds to toast the nuts in the bacon grease. I tossed in a few craisins and a chunks of pork loin. Finally, I added a few splashes of apple vinegar to the pan, and then, poured it all over a bed of spinach. Voila! Pantry spinach salad.