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"assorted meat and seafood with tofu" casserole | ming's | chinatown

A few weeks ago, I bought a LivingSocial offer for Ming’s in Chinatown. Ming’s is a relative newcomer to the few remaining Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

My parents visited this past weekend, and I decided to take a gamble with Ming’s. My parents ordered items I would never think to order myself, partly because their English translations on the menu are not nearly as appealing as their Chinese names — “assorted meat and seafood with tofu casserole” and “pork chop kingdom.” I hedged and went with the beef chow fun with Chinese broccoli.

They were all . . . pretty good? Next time, I’d probably order the regular beef chow fun and specify the “dry” preparation (gan chao niu huh) rather than the “gravy” style of the Chinese broccoli version. The sauce on the pork chop kingdom was a bit too sweet and heavy compared to other versions I’ve had…but I think one of the pork chop options at Ming’s must surely be a hit. The casserole was actually probably the best dish. . . I thoroughly enjoyed the scallops!

"pork chop kingdom" | ming's | chinatown

beef chow fun with chinese broccoli | ming's | chinatown