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@pepefoodtruck | franklin square

I was elated when I spotted Jose Andres’ food truck, Pepe, in Franklin Park on Monday. The buzz about Pepe has been building for a few months now (reaching a documented-feverish pitch with its launch last week) and after spotting the truck’s menu on Eater, I knew my decisiveness would be tested:

pepe menu

On my wish list: the butifarra, pollo frito, pepito de iberico, futbol club barcelona, jamon serrano y queso manchego…..and chocolate and hazelnut ice cream flauta. So, yeah, pretty much the entire menu.

I knew I would not walk away with just one, so it only made sense that one of my choices be dessert . . . and while I was at it, why not get the pollo frito? Ice cream + fried chicken = awesome lunch.

pollo frito | fried chicken breast with lettuce, piparra peppers, alioli, and brava sauce

chocolate and hazelnut ice cream flauta | chocolate cookie sandwich with hazelnut ice cream

Since I had to order a melting dessert at the same time as I ordered my savory sandwich, I thought I needed no other excuses to eat dessert first (obviously). But after taking a few bites of the dessert flauta (think more like a frozen, elongated whoopie pie, rather than one of the denser toll house ice cream sandwiches), the aroma of my pollo frito flauta (I think it was the brava sauce…) overtook me. So midway through my ice cream sandwich, I switched to savory (and confirmed that food trucks can in fact serve high quality, perfectly crispy fried chicken!). . . and then returned to my ice cream sandwich before it melted away.


My co-worker H ordered the butifarra, and also really enjoyed her pick.

butifarra "burger" | Spanish pork burger with alioi and brava sauce

A word to the wise: when eating the sandwiches, to minimize mess and the loss of delicious morsels, it’s best to keep the sandwiches in their precisely wrapped paper with one end open, and peel down the paper as you go.

Of course, the line at Pepe forms quickly, but the duration between ordering and having your named called is impressively short. Can’t wait to make my way through the rest of Pepe’s menu!

For Pepe’s location, follow Pepe on Twitter.