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before: grilled berkshire pork chop with sauteed local greens, onion-balsamic compote, negroni vinaigrette | proof | chinatown

An “oldie” but goodie favorite of mine is Proof, in the heart of Chinatown. It had been awhile since my last visit, and my heart fell a *little* when I saw that one of my favorite dishes in all of D.C. was no longer on the menu — the miso sablefish (an excellent sustainable substitute for the overfished Chilean sea bass). To be honest, it was a blessing in disguise because sometimes I have a hard time deviating from dishes that I know I love, especially at restaurants I don’t frequent as often. My occasional disloyalty to a tried-and-true favorite has yielded mixed results.

But there’s never a shortage of things I want to try on Proof’s menu, so I opted for the grilled pork chop. Admittedly, I was starving. But the chop was grilled perfectly, the greens were seasoned just right, and the onion-balsamic compote and negroni vinaigrette were a balanced marriage. And, well, see for yourself . . .


Not pictured because it was devoured before I thought to take a photo: chilled green tomato gazpacho with pickled shrimp, white corn croutons, and tomato infused olive oil.

775 g street nw | chinatown